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Here are some Important Do’s and Make Sure You Do’s and Don’t for prevent and protection for your computer as well as and Importantly your Internet Browsing.

Problems that can happen to anyone is to contract a redirect virus or hijacker they both can change your settings put droppers in pc and access private and personal info, i got one from Google play store ended up being from a translator i installed.

You don’t want to uninstall your system protection you may need to change it. While you can’t run more than 1 anti-virus program on your computer, BUT you CAN run more than one malware / adware /bloatware, etc, program … I suggest the following:

  • Malwarebytes– keep running at all times!
  • Eset– try the ONLINE scanner to find the issues on your computer [mine scanned for over 18 hours so be patient!]
  • SpyBot– another one **NOTE** there are more you just have to search and research!
  • CCleaner – schedule yourself to use this at least on a weekly basis! Cleans registry and many other useful tools for files – browsers – more
  • HiJackThis– can show you what files are running from system, toolbars, searchers etc! BECAREFUL what you delete, DO NOT have all files checked to clean automatically checked in Preferences!
  • RESET BROWSERSmake sure you are only one allowed access thru them ie: no guest or other users listed as in Google Chrome Settings, Reset all browsers make sure too that the Home Pages and Search settings are what you put in if its different then that’s part of the BUG OR VIRUS.
  • CHECKYOUR EXTENSIONS and ADD-ONS in ALL of your Browsers, i had to uninstall Opera browsers because there suddenly came a loader and was using the browser to connect to internet without my input!
  • BE CAREFULof add-ons you install, use only reputable ones like adblock Plus, make sure that if u add ie: Google app that it comes from Google!

If resetting browsers doesn’t work reinstall them uninstall first SAVE or BACKUP contact list and bookmarks after you save them scan them with one of the above tools

  • ROOT KITS– THESE ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and can not only wreck your computer but STEAL your information ie: Banking Info and a like. Kaspersky Tools you can d/l them free from their site run them! You can search for more MAKE SURE THEY ARE REPUTABLE!
  • WEBROOT– switched when Kaspersky’s security software closed all my incoming and outgoing
    connections and their fix was to open them all ….wow good protection fix right? NOT!
  • LASTPASS– password manager this will allow you to save your passwords and Lastpass will log u in ….no keyboard input means NO KEYLOGGERS can get passwords u type in.
  • COOKIES– Privacy Settings try setting it to DO NOT ALLOW 3rd PARTY, make sure you ADD EXCLUSIONS OR EXCEPTIONS in FIREWALLBROWSERS & ANTI-VIRUS software!
  • TEMP DIRECTORY– THIS IS IMPORTANT – any application or many applications that are bugs and viruses tend to use the TEMP folder to run their apps, make sure that you check the paths of the app’s to see if any are running from that directory!
  • CLEAR TEMP FILES– open start menu type in %temp% and enter …a windows explorer window will open and show all of the temp files and there could be 100’s or just a few ….SELECT ALL & DELETE!

** NOTE **
SOME temp files will not delete due to fact that they are in use for instance ..Skype or adobe … It won’t let you delete them …IF you see a file that is part of the BUG / VIRUS or suspicious and can’t delete it open it with notepad select all and delete, u can also try to rename file ….be careful not do something bad and delete or rename useful files.

*** NOTE ***

DON’T DO SYSTEM RESTORE!!! ….WHY? ….Because if you have a virus and it most likely will be in your System Restore Point so all you are going to do is reinstall the bug! You should actually turn off system restore until you get it fixed as soon as you get issue fixed THEN CREATE A RESTORE POINT!!!! Then you can leave it set to on.

  • TASK MANAGER & RESEARCH– [ i open my task manager every time i’m on the internet you can see if files are popping up and disappearing, monitor what processes are active and on most u can end processes. If there are processes you don’t recognize RESEARCH the file names in google or what ever searcher u use.
  • URL Validators– your virus program probably has an option to protect webpage access monitoring to show you if there is a problem with the page such as malware/adware or suspicious activity, can use WOT to show u and will even give u heads up on your search results. There are also online URL validators bookmark them to ur toolbar menu so u can pull them up when needed.
  • ACTIVE CONNECTIONS– see what connections are currently active in processes or like my webroot has a feature that shows active connections, this will allow to see if there are unknown outgoing or incoming apps accessing and using your internet to spread and seek out private information that you have on your pc and transmit it to their sources.

INSTALLING SOFTWARE – make sure when installing software programs that

  1. You SCAN with security protection apps!
  2. Make sure you know that it’s coming from the ACTUAL AUTHOR & WEBSITE!
  3. Most Importantly – ALWAYS Do CUSTOM INSTALL…WHY? many programs out there add additional software called Adware and Bloatware which both can be a bothersome process to get rid of!  Even Adobe Flash will ask you on the second screen and is AUTOMATICALLY CHECKED AS A DEFAULT ACTION, to install McAfee on your computer DO NOT do this, you hopefully already have an anti-virus program on your pc and you can only run ONE at a time! So ALWAYS look at where it’s installing and what it’s installing you can save yourself a lot of heartache and misery and time trying to rid these other programs

There are forums that help you search and clean viruses like Tech Guy’s or just search and join tech forums a like!


One thing I want to mention is that there are features on your cell phones that can be used against you it’s called CYBERSTALKING or CYBERCASING, HOW? Many photos are embedded with a geotag longitude and latitude at showing where they were taken and yes folk this is including your iPhone, this is also retrievable from the photos you upload to websites.  The information that these predators get can be used with Google street maps to pinpoint your exact location.

These actions can be verified  International Computer Science Institute (ICSI). Researchers Gerald Friedland and Robin Sommer wrote that they successfully obtained the home addresses of people who had posted photos in ads on Craigslist, despite those people having opted to keep their addresses hidden in their postings.

Creepier still, they were also able to obtain addresses where home videos of children had been shot, by searching under the tag “kids” on YouTube. They then proceeded to search for recent videos from those same users, that had been shot over 1,000 miles away. Within 15 minutes, they were able to determine that 13 of these video posters were likely still away on vacation, leaving their homes available for burglary.  (, July 25, 2010)

Many cell phones have this feature and is usually set by default it’s something you should check …your children could be made at target as well!

Articles Worth Reading on The Subject of CyberStalking

Presidential Proclamation – National Stalking ….

 Combating Cyber Crime

 Cyber Crime – FBI


 Smartphones Are Used To Stalk, Control Domestic Abuse Victims

 Here Is Some Useful Information To Report Cyber Crimes:

Reporting  Computer Crimes Department’s

Type of Crime
Appropriate federal investigative law enforcement agencies
Computer intrusion (i.e. hacking)
§  FBI local office
§  U.S. Secret Service
§  Internet Crime Complaint Center
Password trafficking
§  FBI local office
§  U.S. Secret Service
§  Internet Crime Complaint Center
Counterfeiting of currency
§  U.S. Secret Service
Child Pornography or Exploitation
§  FBI local office
§  if imported, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
§  Internet Crime Complaint Center
Child Exploitation and Internet Fraud matters that have a mail nexus
§  U.S. Postal Inspection Service
§  Internet Crime Complaint Center
Internet fraud and SPAM
§  FBI local office
§  U.S. Secret Service
§  Federal Trade Commission (online complaint)
§  if securities fraud or investment-related SPAM e-mails, Securities and Exchange Commission (online complaint)
§  Internet Crime Complaint Center
Internet harassment
§  FBI local office
Internet bomb threats
§  FBI local office
§  ATF local office
Trafficking in explosive or incendiary devices or firearms over the Internet
§  FBI local office
§  ATF local office

Always keep yourself protected because the internet WON’T has become a breeding ground for chaos and destruction from the, excuse my language THESE @SSHOLE HACKERS, that think it’s a good and fun thing to destroy YOUR private property as a gainful measure for whatever hole they need to fill.  I’m not saying it’s all bad there is an unlimited amount of knowledge, fun, and networking using the internet you just have to keep in mind of the dangers when using the internet.

Hope This Helps!!

Southern Belle

::::**** UPDATE UPDATE ****::::

Well I my gut feeling was RIGHT ON THE MARK today!

No sooner did I post this I trying to access a document that again was held at and the SAME DAYUUUUM voice yelling at me at again now I don’t know why where it’s coming from but I noticed a quick flash out the corner of my eye after I got free if the sirens and it was the same format bunched random letters and then a view like java script … well here is one for the thinkers to figure out cuz I’m stumped!

I keep my task manager on for just these reasons for an extra precaution … and am glad I did warning comes up and I’m closing processes and they keep appearing and disappearing well I figured my desktop was history but was scanning anyway wow it booted but FROM THE LAPTOP I notice OPERA browser open and that RED FLAG bout knocked my off me @sss low and behold webroot tag’s it and named it W32UserAdded something to like that, well I hadn’t used the laptop in few weeks so how would this have crossed and where is it coming from! Anyway yal add it up 2 Different Computers one was off then 2 VIRUSES AND …1 BROWSER! Hmmmm …. Anyone who can shed some light on this matter would make me some happy I sat here crying to for over two hours … go figure!

OH BTW ….I never downloaded the file so any of yal want to got that direction …well I didn’t even get close!


Posting Malwarebytes Detection Log Entry and NOTICE its an OUTGOING connection?

Detection, 10/10/2015 3:40 AM, SYSTEM, XXXXXXXX, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Domain,,, 51707, Outbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\31.0.1889.207\opera.exe,

*** NOTE ***

just moments before this event notification i was on rapidgator site and a second FULL sized window opened [which i quickly closed] but the same exact actions caused a virus from one of the open windows screaming that i had a virus on my computer and had to call a # to get removed stupidly as i was frantically trying to get window closed which wouldn’t by the “X” couldn’t get out of window at all then another popup and thats when i saw leave page or stay on page i hit as i was drawing mouse in hand back it tagged! task manager got it closed but after scanning and then i rebooted …WTFFFF IT BLEW MY WINDOWS! no operating system found couldn’t fix it had to reinstal windows and earlier i noticed my backups of my documents locked me out can’t access it at all won’t change permissions nothing and some directories have just disappeared! so i am trying to warn yal of the dangers …man oh man ….


THE MOOKIE VIRUS COOKIE showed up yesterday and only thing different was that it was in Chrome instead of FireFox  so people if u can figure out a direction that its coming from would be a big help to everyone!

I am posting this along with why and maybe it’s not connected but awfully coincidentally familiar if ya ask me … be careful here in cyber space it’s getting harder to control!

space virus

Southern’s Just SaYin!


This virus has somehow managed to make another appearance after about 5 months clean and clear! You should also note that the cookie is not just called “” it is also known as “,,,” a variation of numbers and letters but always linking to “”.

I first got this after installing an app for Firefox then I got another virus just to mention this from Google play finally tracked back to a translator I added to chrome …dayuuuuum this was a Biatch to get rid of like 2 weeks this and the mookie has been plaguing my system this year.
BUT the worst was when I went to ikr download a file but was from a reputable site somehow a second window opened yelling at me [and many of you have heard or come across this one] that you have a virus on your computer you must call the on your screen to get rid of it ooooooNOOOOO! I did what you first off don’t do and that is PANIC on getting the window closed for some stupid reason that “LEAVE PAGE” or “STAY ON PAGE” as I was persistently trying to close the window using the “X” button that btw wasn’t working and when that popup gave me a way out like an idiot I clicked OOOHHHHHH NOOOOOO! I make a habit of running task manager at all times and was the only way I got out.
Thinking ok all done all good it’s ok now … later after rebooting pc OMFG!! …NO OPERATING SYSTEM FOUND! Gone? Windows? IT’S OUTTA THERE!, And just earlier I noticed when searching for “My Documents” BackUps of my previous windows installation, have suddenly disappeared SOO I now realize it’s not over there something is remaining or coming back and it’s not gonna get better till we or someone can find where and how these hackers are getting their ‘COOKIE’s` their `CODEs` past all the security, anti-virus, anti-malware, and other preventive measures that we take to avoid these pain staking issues!
OH AND BTW, you freaking destructive fanatics out there will get your come upin’s karma baby karma and if I had the chance to get a hold of one of you? …you’d be digging deep for accessing private property and destroying private property and would be paying for it in many, many ways!
Be aware people always and frequently go into your browsers settings check privacy settings exceptions and in search box type in “mookie” that’s no numbers not letters, oh no quotation marks and this is where u will find if u have it different variations of the ‘mookie” virus!

Search Google For “mookie virus” you will find plenty of links sift through!

BeAware, Be Safe!

Recently or over the last few months i have had a problem with my Kaspersky Total Internet Security Software.  I was giving a link to upgrade my Kaspersky Pure to Kaspersky Total Internet Security.  But the problem didn’t start from there which I discovered… please read on :::

I was trying to get get my home computers to join the home network but after dealing with issue after issue I found my self looking a the firewall because there out of the blue I was getting connected to the internet.

I did the upgrade and then found after hours of trying to figure why it wouldn’t connect, i looked up the firewall settings which i disable windows since i use the Trusted Application that I have used for years Kaspersky. Found there were no incoming or out going connections! I was soooo very close to pulling my own hair out!  Errors came up regarding firewall and then it was referring to windows firewall everything kept pointing to that configuration. Well it wasn’t Microsoft’s Error It was Kasperskys doing that has messed up every where. Out of the blue it decided to block all connections to keep anything accessible any and every where.

I called Kaspersky Tech Support by phone and her remedy? Unblock all connections in other disable port monitoring OMG … REALLY?  Well ok your the tech support! I asked well what a bout the protection it was told to me that it was only way it seems to be a way to get it working. hmmmm (now the tech can’t see me … so I am assuming she thinks I am dumber than I look, right?) and that about wrapped up the tech call.

Well upgraded the desktop with the Total Security and wham!!!! again it blocked all ports and couldn’t access anything. Again on tech support call and back to disabling ports, at least this time the tech support rep admitted he couldn’t figure out why this was happening.

This is an extremely serious flaw a MAJOR SECURITY HOLE for not just us meeker home users but imagine what this could do to businesses that are using the software, banks especially!  I thought it would be a good time to let people know about htis I don’t think it is a single problem since there were 2 separate installations and same problem.

Below is a tech support request I put in with the MyKaspersky link,  also have been searching for a an email link directly to the CEO.. no luck and the phone numbers listed are of no good unless you have the 4 digit extension number.. I didn’t!.

Here is Post or Ticket:

This is another post or support request please read this and see what your company has come down to.

have a problem when Kaspersky for a 2nd time it has closed all in and out connections for monitoring without any input the problem resides there within the program and the only way to fix it is to disable port monitoring and that fix came from support.. now that means there is a huge whole in the security please explain how that makes ur product the best to use? i can’t understand why it would do that it’s not working as promised!

I have had to contact support on more than one occasion for this issue something needs to done and quickly.. I have legal complaints and I’m feeling very upset about this because I followed ur progress when u were starting out and were at the top of ur game… man who is giving up and products? Cutting corners?

his is very no an extremely fatal move!

Thank You,

Southern Belle

Please contact me not at ur earliest convenience because I have been going through this for months!

xxxxxxxx (sorry not including my phone number here)

California PST

Americas Headquarters

500 Unicorn Park, 3rd Floor
Woburn, MA 01801
USA Telephone:

Toll Free:          1 (866) 328-5700
Tel:                    (781) 503-1800
Fax:                   (781) 503-1818


1. CALLED THE TOLL FREE NUMBER and the first thing that was need ed was a 4 digit extension number.. doesn’t work so WHY LIST IT!

2   CALLING NON TOLL FREE….. SAME THING! Enter 4 digit extension number

Well this just keeps getting better and better

Please post your comments and if you have had the same issue would be very helpful!

Thank You!!

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There is a company called Flashwhites a tooth whitening sample or trial that charges you just the s&h for the kit. you have to cancel this trial with the 14day period or they charge you every month.

I fell for this like an idiot and they not only didn’t take my canceled letter they got into my bank account not once but twice. How they did this is by changing the name which in the first charge it was from Zol Flashwhites the bank blocked them and then another charge was taken the bank said because they changed the name they were able to get back in, this time they name was Alaska Whites.

Beware of this company I am not the first so its happen quite a bit if do the research you’ll see others in the same predicament!

The site is or don’t be fooled they will getcha! So don’t use this company!!

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via (2) Facebook.

2 groups of peopleWhat is your take on Employers demanding the Social Networking sites and Passwords of the potential employee or employee? While this is a touchy issue the Company’s feel that they have a right to determine what a person can and can’t do when off company time.  While some States, I believe six states have already passed a law to allow this, while other States such as California are opposing this law.  Jerry Brown signed a Privacy Bill making it illegal to ask the candidate or employee for such information.
Now, lets take another view about this… If a company wants this information then they are dictating what a person can do, write about, and who and where they can network socially… key word is socially!  If in fact they want this information are they going to pay higher wages or pay for hours outside of the office?  I don’t think so!

A saying my mother used to say is “You don’t have the right to tell me what to wear, if you don’t pay for my clothes”.  Well they are not buying our privacy nor paying us off the clock so what right should they have to tell us what to do when the clock strikes 5 o’clock!

Companies conduct background checks, do drug testing (which I think is another invasion of privacy..but that’s another topic) to assure they hire responsible, up standing citizens for the job.  To an extent “yes” to over extend the rights of “We The People” is not OK!  It invades our rights, freedom of speech to say the least!  I’ll be damned if I’ll give up my personal life to some nosy bureaucrat!  Another wonder of mine is how much will this cost companies that enforce this?  They will shell out more money to hire people to review your site, right?  Why not just go and send a friend request then you could just join in the fun!

What’s Next?

Now what is your take on this issue?

Thanks for the read,
Southern Belle

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