It’s not just being Anti-Islamic it goes deeper than that, it’s being Anti-ISIS! Those who protest and spread their hate of The United States of America and Americans.  THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE AGAINST THE USA! Those that wish we Americans should die and say it’s in the name of their god telling them that they are right in trying to force everyone to be like them and their religion while they publicly kill in the name of their religion, then cut their enemies hearts out and eat their hearts or cutting off heads to show their intent! …not to mention what they do to women and children as they are carrying their bombs to US soldiers blowing their children to pieces killing soldiers and babies and those actions are considered that a part of love in the name of their religion?

It’s the Terrorist that is making the conflict and it makes it hard for many to distinguish the difference between friend and foe and it is the hard truth that makes it difficult not to be on edge.  Just keep your heart open and your mind will see the gentle side or friendly side of the Islamic people! We as Americans are all on edge with reason and fear of war!

NO …It is NOT Fair to judge those who are NOT a part of the ISIS group but you should know that ISIS Recruits those with low self-esteem, those looking for purpose in life, to belong to something that will give them a voice and feel love and be given the attention that they think they don’t have, thinking they can make a difference.  They are even known to be recruiting on all the social media outlets Facebook, Twitter, all them!  It isn’t a matter of being born of that religion they are converting Christians, Catholics, the denomination has Nothing to do with their intentions!

This country has always been open and free, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, free choice!  Let’s NOT let the Terrorist come between the TRUE Rights and Constitution that this country’s foundation was built on! Freedom comes with a price and WE The People Stand Protected and Proud and We Shall NOT Fall or Falter because of their Hatridge of the Amerian people!

If We The People can not show them what our freedom means how it feels and to understand what that freedom of choice is the backbone of every individual, then what actions would work?

Hold out a hand to the confused, give a drink of water to the thirsty, listen to the voice that hasn’t spoken, and speak softly to the ears that haven’t been heard!  Talk to your kids! Give them purpose and strength to deny and not to listen to the temptations of the false actions and lies of those recruiters!

Know that coming to America it is a great place to be your own person choose your own way of life.  This country has a lot to rebuild but Walls? ….NO Remember, walls built in other parts of the world have been brought down NO ONE likes to be in a confined place.

So only come if you want FREEDOM, don’t come if you have other intentions

…Cuz The Red White and Blue ..These Colors Don’t Run!

We Defend Our Freedom and We Take It Very Seriously!