While playing an online game I went to general chat and asked a sports question and this American hater started off saying stupid Americans, just went on & on this is my bantering long but if u agree, let me know, this is NOT towards those that are not causing trouble, not haters so don’t get riled up!

I am a very open minded and have never been prejudice towards people BUT I am an outspoken person!  Sometimes there are those people who blame the world for an injustice and use it as a playing card for their every reason for their lives, well …I say BE GLAD YOU WEREN’T JEWISH!  Do you here the Jewish constantly using that horrible injustice of the Holocaust as a reason for any shortcomings? NO BECAUSE THEY REBUILT, they honor the 6 MILLION of their family and friends lost.  The Jewish were being targeted to become an extinct race ..think about that when you want to throw that card on the table!  When those of you who are using an event from centuries ago, try to remember the Jewish Holocaust and it just might make you appreciate life just a bit more!

I won’t apologize for my posts and I do hope there are others who feel the same way I only explain myself because it is a PUBLIC post and you may wonder why I made that post.

If your offended, well …then maybe you deserve it. 

Terrorist like ISIS they dangerous and they are psychotic!  They recruit on those who are looking for purpose lacking in self-confidence, frail personalities, lost souls and these recruiters play on that giving them purpose, DON’T FALL FOR THAT!  If you know someone who is considering that direction help them, stop them, make them see more than they let themselves see in their self and life.  These are my opinions.

I also think that the Gov’t should start cracking down on Gangs, make it a Law that they are considered to be Terrorist and either sign up in Military or ship out to a terrorist prison.  I think that would make a person think twice ..it would be a whole new ball game and maybe it would work and help to get a handle that problem! 

…Just Saying!

Southern Belle