Well here is my view on Windows 10


I have installed it 3 times and each time was worse then before. 1st it wouldn’t power down it would just reboot, 2nd it formatted wrong drive, 3rd time even after booting to Windows 10 it suddenly said “invalid partition table!

Microsoft is also controlling your pc, you can.t opt out of updates so Microsoft`s can install anything they want at any time wheather you want it or not!

There are also tracking by Microsoft so you need to go into settings to disable the options.

This is down right BULL $HIT for ME and others to have to go through this mess!  Yes your upgrade was free but at what cost! So far I may have lost all my files/back-Ups on my 4TH hard drive which wasn’t even showing up I`sick about this.

People if you search for Problems with Windows 10, or Similar Events is even better anyway, you’ll find many others are having the same problems.

So Beware Of Windows 10, RESEARCH the PROBLEMS Before You Do the UpGrade!

My take on it is DON`T DO IT! …Good luck people!