MS Interrupts me making me change my PASSWORD! …WAIT ….ON MY VERY OWN COMPUTER!

I was replying to a post on Microsoft’s site and thought I would post it here too!


Unfortunately, in order to use apps such as Store, SkyDrive, Xbox Music app (online streaming) or Games app, you are required to use Microsoft account. when you sign in to your computer or device with a Microsoft account, you can get apps from the Windows Store, back up all your important data and files using free cloud storage, and keep all your favorite stuff—devices, photos, friends, games, settings, music, and so on—up to date and in sync. “One email address to sign in everywhere” is just what you need to do and you can enjoy all such features.

Here’s the details on Microsoft account for all apps and devices on Windows 8.1:

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hi Pinaki,

lets make something really clear!

Microsoft for some reason is having a control freak issue! why I don’t know they make money by the truck loads and they still are putting a finger on top of their user base?


to correct your statement about 1 email address for every where well THATS NOT THE CASE!

its the PASSWORD!

If and when I CHOOSE to buy or login to a store then it will be my choice NOT a PREREQUISITE or REQUIREMENT …

after installing windows 10 it immediately made me use my Microsoft pswd ..that’s bullshit I use the operating system and other products by Microsoft but that doesn’t give Microsoft the right to control what I do with MY OWN PROPERTY! I will log into my system with password!

FOLKS if it doesn’t hit you wrong then something is the matter with you!  companies sell you their product you me and everyone else is giving them the success of their current standings.  when I put my robe on and get on my computer i’ll be dayuuuumed if I am going to be forced to log into Microsoft just for their own pleasure.

you may say its only a pswd but it is connecting you to micorsoft just to turn on ur pc?

i’m sure yal have all heard the stories of the all the tracking and connection links going to Microsoft automatically well spying, tracking people …noooo ..uh uh! that isn’t good by any standards!

so what now they will give u an app to use ur webcam to purchase and shop for interactive sale … wow that is a really good idea ….but if companies think they have that much control to that they feel they should have the right to monitor their user base …OH HELL NO!, they get their advertising, their leads their referrals  and they still want you close at hand and under their thumb ….what’s next!