Posting Malwarebytes Detection Log Entry and NOTICE its an OUTGOING connection?

Detection, 10/10/2015 3:40 AM, SYSTEM, XXXXXXXX, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Domain,,, 51707, Outbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\31.0.1889.207\opera.exe,

*** NOTE ***

just moments before this event notification i was on rapidgator site and a second FULL sized window opened [which i quickly closed] but the same exact actions caused a virus from one of the open windows screaming that i had a virus on my computer and had to call a # to get removed stupidly as i was frantically trying to get window closed which wouldn’t by the “X” couldn’t get out of window at all then another popup and thats when i saw leave page or stay on page i hit as i was drawing mouse in hand back it tagged! task manager got it closed but after scanning and then i rebooted …WTFFFF IT BLEW MY WINDOWS! no operating system found couldn’t fix it had to reinstal windows and earlier i noticed my backups of my documents locked me out can’t access it at all won’t change permissions nothing and some directories have just disappeared! so i am trying to warn yal of the dangers …man oh man ….


THE MOOKIE VIRUS COOKIE showed up yesterday and only thing different was that it was in Chrome instead of FireFox  so people if u can figure out a direction that its coming from would be a big help to everyone!

I am posting this along with why and maybe it’s not connected but awfully coincidentally familiar if ya ask me … be careful here in cyber space it’s getting harder to control!

space virus