This virus has somehow managed to make another appearance after about 5 months clean and clear! You should also note that the cookie is not just called “” it is also known as “,,,” a variation of numbers and letters but always linking to “”.

I first got this after installing an app for Firefox then I got another virus just to mention this from Google play finally tracked back to a translator I added to chrome …dayuuuuum this was a Biatch to get rid of like 2 weeks this and the mookie has been plaguing my system this year.
BUT the worst was when I went to ikr download a file but was from a reputable site somehow a second window opened yelling at me [and many of you have heard or come across this one] that you have a virus on your computer you must call the on your screen to get rid of it ooooooNOOOOO! I did what you first off don’t do and that is PANIC on getting the window closed for some stupid reason that “LEAVE PAGE” or “STAY ON PAGE” as I was persistently trying to close the window using the “X” button that btw wasn’t working and when that popup gave me a way out like an idiot I clicked OOOHHHHHH NOOOOOO! I make a habit of running task manager at all times and was the only way I got out.
Thinking ok all done all good it’s ok now … later after rebooting pc OMFG!! …NO OPERATING SYSTEM FOUND! Gone? Windows? IT’S OUTTA THERE!, And just earlier I noticed when searching for “My Documents” BackUps of my previous windows installation, have suddenly disappeared SOO I now realize it’s not over there something is remaining or coming back and it’s not gonna get better till we or someone can find where and how these hackers are getting their ‘COOKIE’s` their `CODEs` past all the security, anti-virus, anti-malware, and other preventive measures that we take to avoid these pain staking issues!
OH AND BTW, you freaking destructive fanatics out there will get your come upin’s karma baby karma and if I had the chance to get a hold of one of you? …you’d be digging deep for accessing private property and destroying private property and would be paying for it in many, many ways!
Be aware people always and frequently go into your browsers settings check privacy settings exceptions and in search box type in “mookie” that’s no numbers not letters, oh no quotation marks and this is where u will find if u have it different variations of the ‘mookie” virus!

Search Google For “mookie virus” you will find plenty of links sift through!

BeAware, Be Safe!