Recently or over the last few months i have had a problem with my Kaspersky Total Internet Security Software.  I was giving a link to upgrade my Kaspersky Pure to Kaspersky Total Internet Security.  But the problem didn’t start from there which I discovered… please read on :::

I was trying to get get my home computers to join the home network but after dealing with issue after issue I found my self looking a the firewall because there out of the blue I was getting connected to the internet.

I did the upgrade and then found after hours of trying to figure why it wouldn’t connect, i looked up the firewall settings which i disable windows since i use the Trusted Application that I have used for years Kaspersky. Found there were no incoming or out going connections! I was soooo very close to pulling my own hair out!  Errors came up regarding firewall and then it was referring to windows firewall everything kept pointing to that configuration. Well it wasn’t Microsoft’s Error It was Kasperskys doing that has messed up every where. Out of the blue it decided to block all connections to keep anything accessible any and every where.

I called Kaspersky Tech Support by phone and her remedy? Unblock all connections in other disable port monitoring OMG … REALLY?  Well ok your the tech support! I asked well what a bout the protection it was told to me that it was only way it seems to be a way to get it working. hmmmm (now the tech can’t see me … so I am assuming she thinks I am dumber than I look, right?) and that about wrapped up the tech call.

Well upgraded the desktop with the Total Security and wham!!!! again it blocked all ports and couldn’t access anything. Again on tech support call and back to disabling ports, at least this time the tech support rep admitted he couldn’t figure out why this was happening.

This is an extremely serious flaw a MAJOR SECURITY HOLE for not just us meeker home users but imagine what this could do to businesses that are using the software, banks especially!  I thought it would be a good time to let people know about htis I don’t think it is a single problem since there were 2 separate installations and same problem.

Below is a tech support request I put in with the MyKaspersky link,  also have been searching for a an email link directly to the CEO.. no luck and the phone numbers listed are of no good unless you have the 4 digit extension number.. I didn’t!.

Here is Post or Ticket:

This is another post or support request please read this and see what your company has come down to.

have a problem when Kaspersky for a 2nd time it has closed all in and out connections for monitoring without any input the problem resides there within the program and the only way to fix it is to disable port monitoring and that fix came from support.. now that means there is a huge whole in the security please explain how that makes ur product the best to use? i can’t understand why it would do that it’s not working as promised!

I have had to contact support on more than one occasion for this issue something needs to done and quickly.. I have legal complaints and I’m feeling very upset about this because I followed ur progress when u were starting out and were at the top of ur game… man who is giving up and products? Cutting corners?

his is very no an extremely fatal move!

Thank You,

Southern Belle

Please contact me not at ur earliest convenience because I have been going through this for months!

xxxxxxxx (sorry not including my phone number here)

California PST

Americas Headquarters

500 Unicorn Park, 3rd Floor
Woburn, MA 01801
USA Telephone:

Toll Free:          1 (866) 328-5700
Tel:                    (781) 503-1800
Fax:                   (781) 503-1818


1. CALLED THE TOLL FREE NUMBER and the first thing that was need ed was a 4 digit extension number.. doesn’t work so WHY LIST IT!

2   CALLING NON TOLL FREE….. SAME THING! Enter 4 digit extension number

Well this just keeps getting better and better

Please post your comments and if you have had the same issue would be very helpful!

Thank You!!