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The Screeching Cat

Written by Annie McFadden  on Dec 12, 2012

How important is video to go along with your karaoke recording on SingSnap?  Well, that depends on your goals.  Do you want to get farther in a contest?  Do you want more comments?  Do you want to see your recording featured more prominently on the feature page on Challenge days?  If so, then it is very important.  If you aren’t interested in increasing your exposure, you probably won’t be interested in this particular article.

Videos on SingSnap get on average, 6 times more views and comments than audio-only recordings.  Simply put, they are just more entertaining.  It is more interesting to see the performer or a visually appealing video than simply listening.  There is a reason that professional singers spend millions on creating appealing videos for their songs. They sell records. What makes YouTube so popular?  Videos. Radio is great…

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