2 groups of peopleWhat is your take on Employers demanding the Social Networking sites and Passwords of the potential employee or employee? While this is a touchy issue the Company’s feel that they have a right to determine what a person can and can’t do when off company time.  While some States, I believe six states have already passed a law to allow this, while other States such as California are opposing this law.  Jerry Brown signed a Privacy Bill making it illegal to ask the candidate or employee for such information.
Now, lets take another view about this… If a company wants this information then they are dictating what a person can do, write about, and who and where they can network socially… key word is socially!  If in fact they want this information are they going to pay higher wages or pay for hours outside of the office?  I don’t think so!

A saying my mother used to say is “You don’t have the right to tell me what to wear, if you don’t pay for my clothes”.  Well they are not buying our privacy nor paying us off the clock so what right should they have to tell us what to do when the clock strikes 5 o’clock!

Companies conduct background checks, do drug testing (which I think is another invasion of privacy..but that’s another topic) to assure they hire responsible, up standing citizens for the job.  To an extent “yes” to over extend the rights of “We The People” is not OK!  It invades our rights, freedom of speech to say the least!  I’ll be damned if I’ll give up my personal life to some nosy bureaucrat!  Another wonder of mine is how much will this cost companies that enforce this?  They will shell out more money to hire people to review your site, right?  Why not just go and send a friend request then you could just join in the fun!

What’s Next?

Now what is your take on this issue?

Thanks for the read,
Southern Belle

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